The Book of Waggage

I am a firm believer in Terry Pratchett's assertion that there are wild stories out there just flying around waiting for someone to bump into them. Well, I seem to have bumped into one.

The Book of Waggage is a story for kids about a dog and a small boy who fall into his Dad's rather manky pond and find themselves lost in the time of William the Conqueror surrounded by some very cross Anglo-Saxons, a couple of mad old hermits. a greedy monk, a very large stonemason with a wind problem and the most evil PE teacher in the world.

More info here.




Off Hiatus

Is it pretentious to say that Icarus Quay is 'off hiatus'? Three years probably qualifies as a hiatus, which is a nice euphemism for 'got bored' or 'ran out of money' or in my case 'ran out of time'. It's also quite rare for things to come off hiatus, but here we are and I hope that few more blogs and publications come off hiatus, Oceans of the Mind, for example.

So why are we here?

This is a blog for all things technical and science fictional. It also gives a little more information and context about my stories. Lastly, we also provide some links to writing resources.



I died and went to heaven.

Sitting in the new Cambridge Central Library in the cafe drinking an expresso. Yes drinking an expresso, using the free wifi, perched up high over the shoppers. This is an awesome place and a fabulous reaction to the way that the world has changed. Suddenly every library I've ever been in before feels like something from the papyrus era. I know it's had its detractors, but they have a fan here and I don't care how sad it is to get all enthusiastic about a library.


Wrestling with the Octopus

My hour a day writing in the coffee shop has suddenly expanded. I appear to have unexpectedly acquired some free time. My first thought was: I can finish Songs of the Eyeless.


It's never that easy is it? I'm going to start updating the site with more info and perhaps excerpts from the books. I'll blog the process.




Alan Turing apology - about ****** time too

The BBC is reporting Gordon Brown's apology for the despicable treatment of Alan Turing. About time too. Imagine fighting for freedom from fascism and then finding your own government is just as full of hatred and prejudice. Alan Turing was not the only victim here. His talents made Britain pre-eminent in the world of computing and we should have stayed that way, but the narrow minded hatred of a few morons in Whitehall threw it away along with a few other things, our place in the space program for example.

The source article is here in the Torygraph. The Downing Street petition is here.