• Nimby


    A submission for the Mundane edition of Interzone. Unfortunately published by accident during the reading process (oh yes it was, no, no, make all the excuses you like, no really, just search on bits of text from the story...)

    Remote warfare, to close for comfort in time and space.

  • Thrice Valiant

    The princess has been stolen by a dragon. The king wants her back. The brave knight isn't so brave and the dragon does find all the unpleasantness so very beastly.

  • Polly and the Dentist

    Danger: orthodontistry, flying vol-au-vents, a nauseous dog, gatecrashers and a dangerous first kiss.

  • Thunderous Advance...

    The King of Nearly All The World wants just a little more to make his life complete.

  • Icarus Quay

  • Droplet-cut

  • The Songs of the Eyeless

    Advertising my up-coming epic.

  • Lizard Jack - cut

  • Virtigo - cut

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